Philadelphia to enhance the image of globalization Huang Wanchao won the Globy Award

By Epoch Times reporter Xiao Jie Philadelphia

The Global Association of Philadelphia (Global Philadelphia Association) held a global summit in Philadelphia, independent thinking tourist center of discussion in Philadelphia More and more global today, how to cope with the tourism industry to better adapt to the development of globalization. Four community leaders, including Chinatown kindergarten principal Huang Wan super (Carol Wong) obtained Globy prize to reward outstanding contributions to their global business in Philadelphia made.

The conference was first presented by Philadelphia Convention and Tourism Board (PHLCVB), Chairman Julie Coker Graham, on Philadelphia 's significant achievements in tourism. Julie said that this summer is the most visitors to Philadelphia in the history of the year. Overseas visitors come to Philadelphia is the largest shopping, sightseeing, and then visit the historical and cultural sites. The largest number of foreign visitors came from the UK, Germany, China, India and France. Chinese tourists are the most-visited countries in all countries. "We have a lot to share with people, Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States, with freedom and security tolerance is known for the city last week, Philadelphia has just been named" 2017 the world's 50 best cities, "one, Is the United States to obtain this title one of the five cities. "