Philadelphia’s CDI highlights the South Korean Sister City of Incheon

Article by Charlotte Thomas, GPA Ambassador.

Philadelphia’s Citizen Diplomacy International has shown a “Spotlight on Incheon” in an effort to bring knowledge of South Korean culture to native-born Philadelphians. Among other purposes, the nonprofit organization serves as a connector to build mutually beneficial and enriching relationships between the greater Philadelphia community and international corporations and individuals.

The organization has chosen to currently highlight the South Korean Sister City of Incheon among 7 other Sister Cities and 3 Partnership cities that have a special relationship with the city of Philadelphia. In particular, CDI aims to collaborate with all of its partnerships in the areas of: economic development & trade, youth and education, municipal and technological cooperation, arts, and sports & culture. CDI’s exposition of South Korean culture includes events that demonstrate all of these cooperative facets to honor the valuable economic and cultural exchange between Incheon and Philadelphia.

The showcase has included networking events with Korean-American city councilman David Oh, a Korean-themed story time and arts and crafts event at the Free Public Library’s Central Branch, and throughout September, Unity cup matches some of Philadelphia’s best Korean-American soccer stars. In the coming months, one can look forward to attending such special events as “Gimbap with JaeHee Cho, Executive Chef of the 76ers” on October 11 as well as Korean-themed story times and arts and crafts with University of the Arts student volunteers all at the Free Public Library and its satellite branches throughout October. Philadelphia’s large Korean population continues to support the events so that the special inter-culture relationship remains strong.

According to CDI, the Sister Cities Program intends to “promote a positive image of the U.S., educate citizens about the world and its diversity, promote tolerance and mutual understanding among nations, strengthen economies, and promote democracy through government-to-government exchanges”. As the events take place, it is evident that many Philadelphians alike are eager to engage in global discussions that bridge any gaps that exist between Korean and United States cultures.

In this time of volatile country alliances and controversial politicking, it is conclusively beneficial for both native-born Philadelphians and immigrants alike to partake in this exposition and others like it in the future. Attendees may not only witness accurate presentations of both Korean and United States cultures, but they may also find peace and friendships from an appreciation for each other as individuals unified by an exchange of knowledge.

CDI has spotlighted this particular Sister City, and it is now clearer than ever that Incheon is inextricably linked with Philadelphia’s regional pride and inter-cultural exchange.

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