Penn State Great Valley Celebrates Six Years of a Growing, Progressive Program for International Graduate Students

Devika Krishna P. Shah, for GPA -- The Penn State Great Valley School recently celebrated six successful years of its full time Master’s program that targets international students.

News of the program spread most quickly through word of mouth of the students, who were drawn to it for various reasons. The program does a wonderful job of not only including a graduate degree from a prestigious school, but in offering to students an opportunity to work in the United States for a full year after the completion of their degree. Corporations are very keen to recruit them and train them and then can either offer them future positions or have the benefit of sending trained personnel to their locations in other countries.

That great professional experience is not the only thing that this program has to offer. Another reason it appeals to international students is that the region is a great central location, close to cities such as New York, Atlantic City and the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Students can choose where they would prefer to live, whether it be closer to the city or to campus, or for some, with relatives they have in the area. Since classes are still in the evenings Monday through Thursday, students often have long weekends open for traveling and exploring.

An even bigger pull for the Penn State program is the chance to be a part of this world-class city and connect with a global community. Faculty members facilitate many outreach activities for the students and help them not only get their feet on the ground, but give them an authentic taste of the city and what it has to offer.

Penn State Great Valley's efforts for graduate students is nothing new, but largely up and coming in the international student arena. The key to its growth has been the driven faculty and staff that really strive to help these people succeed. The small campus has already roped in five Fulbright Fellows from countries in Europe and Asia. Philadelphia is home to many international residents and resources and has much to offer international college students.

As it has been Global Philadelphia’s mission to make this aspect of our city loud and clear, we were proud and humbled to hear Penn State's Chancellor Craig Edelbrock say, “Global Philadelphia can do a lot to connect international students to international communities, resources and events that broaden their relationships and will enrich their experience here. America has long been called the ‘Melting Pot of the World,’ but Philadelphia is the melting pot of the 21st century and Global Philadelphia stirs the pot by providing the means to bring diverse people together in a great American City.”

It was our pleasure to speak to the students over at Penn State Great Valley, learn of the program and great work that they are accomplishing and offer resources and insight to the students as they become more familiar with the city life. The Global Philadelphia Association would like to congratulate Penn State for its successful sixth year of a wonderful program.

Image courtesy of Penn State.