Next Move Dance presents Nah-Ni Chen Dance Company

Written by Jessica Sklar on behalf of Global Philadelphia Association

From April 19 until April 22, NextMove Dance presented Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company with the Anh Trio at the Prince Theater. This performance of "A Quest for Freedom" told the story of artistic director and choreographer Nai-Ni Chen’s emigration from Taiwan to New York City. The performance combines the American spirit and search for freedom with graceful Asian aesthetic. As beautiful as the performance was, Nai-Ni Chen’s inspiring story added an inspirational dimension as Chen’s journey from Taiwan to American is fully explored.

Live music during the performance was provided by The Anh Trio - Korean-born, Juilliard educated sisters Lucia (piano), Maria (cello), and Angella (violin). The addition of the Anh Trio added an extra element as their skill and and presence on the stage elevated the dance performance. Their creativity and skill shone through with their live performance, as the Ahn Trio have frequently collaborated with dance performances. "A Quest for Freedom" was partially inspired by the Anh Trio’s previous work, and their contributions to the production are essential.

"A Quest for Freedom" was an emotional and thrilling representation of Nai-Ni Chen’s story. The performance was colorful and energetic, and led the audience through different emotions and struggles. The performance was constantly entertaining, as the different segments led the viewer through different struggles and emotions of Chen’s journey. Through the use of different multimedia, the performance highlighted social struggles of immigration, gender dynamics, and the hope for freedom in all aspects of life. Through dance, Nai-Ni Chen and the Anh Trio were able to explore their common backgrounds as Asian American immigrants, as well as it what it means to be a female performer. It captured many moods, and utilized the transformative features of lighting and costume to transport the viewer across time and space. The entire performance was energetic, colorful, and captivating.

The Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company with the Anh Trio is just one of many performances sponsored by NextMove Dance. From May 10-13, NextMove Dance will be presenting MOMIX, a troupe of daring dance illusionists that combine performance with multi-media magic. After every Friday evening and Saturday afternoon show, NextMove provides the opportunity to attend a post-performance chat to meet the company, ask questions, and learn more about the creative process.

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