MAEBC Virtually Celebrates Legacy of Carl Lutz

The Mid-Atlantic – Eurasia Business Council (MAEBC) hosted a virtual celebration on June 30 to honor Carl Lutz, a diplomatic hero who led the greatest civil rescue mission to protect Jewish people during World War II.

Hosted on Zoom, the “Celebration of the Life and Accomplishments of Carl Lutz” event commemorated the 75th anniversary of Lutz’s tenure as Vice-Consul at the Swiss Embassy in Budapest, a position he held from 1942 through the end of World War II. Prior to this, Lutz worked as a Swiss diplomat in countries across the world, including serving as chancellor of the Swiss Consulate in Philadelphia from 1926-1933. Lutz is best remembered for saving 50,000 Jewish people from being deported to Nazi extermination camps during the Holocaust. For example, Lutz established 76 safe houses throughout Budapest and issued protective papers that helped 10,000 Jewish children immigrate to Palestine. 

In addition to celebrating Lutz, MAEBC’s event on June 30 featured a discussion with the producers and directors of “Dangerous Diplomacy,” an upcoming documentary about Lutz’s accomplishments and legacy. Showing a 10-minute sneak preview of the film, the documentary team said it took them 20 years to complete this project. 

MAEBC will also celebrate Lutz’s life and accomplishments by hosting a series of presentations on Nov. 10-11, 2020 in indoor and outdoor locations throughout Philadelphia. These events will feature a variety of international experts and guests like Agnes Hirschi, Lutz’s stepdaughter and President of the Carl Lutz Society. 

Visit MAEBC’s website here for more information about their celebration of Lutz’s life. 

Article written by Tasnim Hasan on behalf of Global Philadelphia Association.