Joining a Global Movement: Philadelphia’s First Annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Article by Alessandra Testa, GPA Ambassador

Philadelphia joined 144 other countries in celebrating women in business and leadership roles by holding its first annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on Friday, November 17.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, or WED, is an international initiative providing women leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs with the strategies, tactics, and know-how they need to create impact in their local communities and across the globe. This year’s theme, “GRIT: Secret Recipes of Successful Women Entrepreneurs”, focused on addressing some of the well-known, but unique, issues women face when operating their own businesses.

WED Philadelphia offered ample opportunities for women entrepreneurs meet, network, attend panels, and discuss topics transcending industry, generation, career track, and background. The panelists, keynote speaker, and moderator are wonderful representations what it can mean to be a woman in business today. (Take Elisa Bloom, WED Philadelphia’s Ambassador. Highly regarded in the fashion industry, she’s the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, a city-sponsored organization offering marketing, business, and fashion design courses to promising designers over a twelve-month residency.)

The rest of WED Philadelphia’s speakers, moderators, and panelists are Philadelphia-rooted women who are continuing to impact the Greater Philadelphia Area, as well as their local communities, with their diverse backgrounds, business aspirations, and business perspectives.

Moderated by Diane Mastrull, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s seasoned Small Business Reporter, WED Philadelphia’s panel featured three female entrepreneurs from the early, mid, and mature stages in business. Jen Crompton (FUEL Cycle Fitness), Yasmine Mustafa (ROAR for Good), and Fran Griesling (Griesling Law) provided insight on what it takes to found your own business, build a legacy that extends beyond yourself, and how to leverage one’s positon to empower other women to achieve their full potential.

Without a doubt, Philadelphia’s first annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Day has had an impact that will extend way beyond the conference. The Global Philadelphia Association looks forward to tracking the remarkable women who participated in this conference and reporting on their far-reaching impacts in future articles.

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