International House Philadelphia hosts 14th Sanctuary Supper to raise awareness for the African Family Health Organization

The International House Philadelphia hosted their 14th Sanctuary Supper on the evening of September 10 to raise awareness and funds for the African Family Health Organization (AFAHO).

Recognizing that the United States is “A Nation of Immigrants,” the International House of Philadelphia collaborates with an immigrant-owned restaurant and nonprofit organization every six weeks in order to host the Sanctuary Supper Series. In addition to fundraising for these nonprofits and worthy causes, the Sanctuary Supper series champions Philadelphia’s diversity by providing individuals from across the city with an opportunity to network and make connections. By creating this welcoming environment, International House Philadelphia aims to create an open environment for diners to learn more about immigration so that they can become effective advocates. Ultimately, through the series, International House Philadelphia hopes to create an educational platform for Philadelphians to deepen the conversation about immigration, allowing them to become better informed and more passionate through the strength of their community. 

For this particular Sanctuary Supper, International House Philadelphia chose to honor AFAHO because of their extensive work in assisting, serving and empowering the African and Caribbean immigrant communities in the Greater Philadelphia region. Aiming to improve these immigrants’ access to health and human services, AFAHO annually provides direct service to 800 members of these communities, and uses community outreach and education programs to reach an additional 1,000 people. 

International House Philadelphia is the city’s hub for international art, cultural, educational and residential activities. Over the years, they’ve strived to create a welcoming environment to introduce individuals from around the world to the American experience as well as to broaden Philadelphia’s cultural horizons by fostering a greater international degree of respect and cooperation. 


Article written by Amelia Winger on behalf of Global Philadelphia Association