GPA Bids Farewell To Bianca Robinson On New Venture

This past summer, Global Philadelphia Association said farewell to an integral member of our team, Bianca Robinson. 

Robinson, a native Philadelphian, arrived at GPA at first as a college intern from Drexel University, transitioning soon after to GPA’s Office Manager. Her role involved a variety of activities that make a nonprofit like GPA run smoothly, such as member relations, invoicing, intern recruiting, social media, and much more. 

“My entire job pretty much consisted of things that I was able to learn as I went along and that Zabeth gave me the opportunity to do because she believed that I could,” Robinson said. “I will always be grateful to her for simply having faith in me all these years. It makes a difference when you have another person saying ‘yes you can’ when in your own head you’re thinking ‘no I can’t.’”

Robinson is currently working for the Social Security Administration as a Contact Representative conducting interviews and answering the public questions regarding their benefits. 

When she originally completed her internship, Robinson traveled to Costa Rica for a year abroad where she knew very little Spanish but also stayed with a family that she had never met.  

“She took the bull by the horns and ran with it,” Global Philadelphia Association Executive Director Zabeth Teelucksingh, said. “When she graduated from Drexel, I reached out to her about a part-time opportunity at GPA. Bianca has moved on to a Full-time role. I wish Bianca every success in her new role and I know she will become a much-appreciated member of the team.”

Robinson enjoyed the ever-changing work environment that GPA offered. She added that when she interned in 2013, there was no World Heritage City, SDG Campaign, and the Globy Awards (formally the Ideas Summit) was nothing like it is now.

“GPA has become so much more than I think anybody ever really thought was possible. I loved being a part of Global Philadelphia’s journey,” Robinson, said. “I love Philadelphia but until GPA I never saw it in a global context. The world seemed far away from Philadelphia, so to be a part of an organization that said that Philadelphia is very much a part of the world was not something I wanted to pass up.”

To Robinson, everything about Philadelphia is global. From the people and history to the food and universities. 

“I just feel like we just happen to have the misfortune of being overshadowed by NYC and DC but every day we are moving away from that so I have no doubt we will be on the same level as Vancouver or Oslo soon enough if we aren’t already,” Robinson said. 

Though she has moved on, Robinson will not be forgotten by GPA. Her work rhetoric, ethics, and “techie” skills will fondly be remembered. 

“I’m going to miss being a part of a team that while small was always big in heart, dedication, and personalities,” Robinson said. “GPA was a blessing for me. I’m grateful.”