GlobalPhilly™ 2019 Aims to Enhance International Stature of Philadelphia


International Exposition Will Offer Over 100 Events from September 1 to October 15

PHILADELPHIA, August 15, 2019 – As the nucleus of American democracy, Philadelphia is ready to celebrate its rich history on the global stage through GlobalPhilly™ 2019. Hosted by Global Philadelphia Association (GPA) and its members, GlobalPhilly™ 2019 is a 45-day exposition that will showcase the international activity of Philadelphia’s residents, as well as the global reach of the city, from September 1 to October 15. The fourth iteration of the event, this year’s exposition will feature over 100 events and programs centered around a variety of international themes and issues.

In particular, GlobalPhilly™ 2019 will spotlight the theme of Medical Heritage but will additionally feature events in the following categories: Arts & Culture, Business & Commerce, Community Development, Education K-12, Family-Friendly, Food, Global Event, Higher Education & Research, History & Preservation, International Relations, Science, Sports, Sustainable Development Goals, Technology, and World Heritage. All those who are interested in the event can pick up a GlobalPhilly™ 2019 Passport at key locations around the city, including hotels, coffee shops, the Philadelphia International Airport, and the Philadelphia Visitor’s Center. 

Rob McNeill, Board Chair of GPA and Deloitte’s Managing Partner for Greater Philadelphia, stated, “GlobalPhilly 2019 is a truly global exposition designed to highlight the vast international efforts and activities that power the city’s international connections. Launching this exposition is the Celebration Dinner on Sept. 5 which is the way we in Philadelphia pay tribute to Solidarity Day, an annual observance by all 300 World Heritage cities to emphasize the importance of keeping heritage issues on our collective agendas.” 

GlobalPhilly™ 2019 Highlights

  • World Heritage City Celebration Dinner (GPA), September 5
  • Medical History Tour of Philadelphia (Beyond the Bells), September 14
  • From Bench to Bench to Bedside: New Breakthroughs in CRISPR Gene Editing and the HIV Virus (The Franklin Institute), September 16
  • "The Nuclear Ban Treaty: The Path Forward” Conference (UNA-GP), September 19
  • The Sustainable Development Goals: Empowerment for Peace (Global Education Motivators, Pacem in Terris), September 20
  • Teaching about Caring and Curing in our City’s Past: Philadelphia, Public Health, and the World – A Teacher Workshop (GPA & Historical Society of Pennsylvania), September 28
  • Breaking Away, Breaking Apart: Labor Politics in North Africa (Middle East Center at University of Pennsylvania), October 2
  • Crossing Medical Borders (The Geographical Society of Philadelphia), October 2
  • Sustainable Development Goal #5 Public Art Unveiling (Friends Select, Glenmede Trust, Mural Arts Philadelphia, GPA), October 3

Although the exposition will highlight the international scale of the city’s diversity, GPA has particularly chosen to draw attention to the theme of Medical Heritage. Often overlooked, Philadelphia has created a legacy of medical firsts, including everything from the establishing the first medical school and mental hospital to completing the first successful brain surgery.

In addition to showcasing Philadelphia’s role in promoting health on an individual front, GlobalPhilly™ 2019 will also discuss health on a global scale by spotlighting the city’s work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The United Nations created 17 SDGs in 2015 in an effort to promote prosperity while protecting the planet, with the goal of accomplishing them all by 2030. Philadelphia has chosen to take up the challenge in various ways. First, GPA has partnered with the Mural Arts Project to produce a mural for each SDG scattered throughout the city. In addition to this, GlobalPhilly™ 2019 will showcase university-led research projects and organizations that contribute to achieving the SDGs.

GlobalPhilly™ 2019 is being supported by the following sponsors: American Bible Society, Brandywine Realty Trust, Deloitte LLP, Diversified Search, Drexel University, Fox School of Business, John and Susan Smith, Jefferson University, Kaushik and Surma Daphtary, Parkway, Philadelphia Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development, Philadelphia International Airport, Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust, SAP, South Asia Center University of Pennsylvania, Temple Fox School, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania & Penn Medicine, and Villanova University. Our media partners are: Al Día News; Grid; Generocity; Invest: Philadelphia; Temple University, Klein College of Media and Communication; Hellenic News of America; The Parkside Journal; and Tone and Tenor. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Alisha Mehta, GlobalPhilly™ 2019 Project Manager, at [email protected] or 215-563-2482.

About the Global Philadelphia Association

The Global Philadelphia Association consists of more than 200 internationally involved organizations, businesses, and individuals in Greater Philadelphia. It was created to assist – and to encourage greater interaction among – the many organizations and people who are engaged in international activity in the Greater Philadelphia Region, to promote the development of an international consciousness within the area, and to enhance Philadelphia’s global profile. For more information, visit our website: