GlobalPhilly™2015, the largest International program in the Philadelphia region in 2015

There is no doubt, Philadelphia is a world-class city of cultural, political and economic note. Otherwise, why would the Pope choose to visit our city out of all the dynamic metropolises in the country? Why would the New York Times feature Philadelphia as its third place to visit in the world in 2015?

Asmaa Lahlou, for GPA -- GlobalPhilly™2015 is designed to continue raising the international profile of our region and to promote this message even further. To reach all Philadelphians and global-minded people in the region and beyond the United States to visit, live, work and invest here. 

GlobalPhilly™2015 in a nutshell

The previous exposition reached 500,000 people in the region with a total attendance of 25,000 people for 117 events over 47 days. As such, it received great media coverage from print, radio, TV and online outlets.

In 2015, GP15 will span two months from September 15 to November 15 and will show the world what a global region Philadelphia is through 150+ events covering Arts & Culture, Advocacy, Business, Cuisine, Education, Heritage, Sports and Science & Technology, reaching the diverse neighborhoods of Philadelphia and its five counties.

Among many others, the exposition will feature international signature events of the region such as the World Trade Center’s International Showcase, Ciao Philadelphia!, the Mexican Independence Festival, United Nations Day, CHOP’s Global Health Symposium, the World Heritage City symposium and much more.

What's new in GlobalPhilly™ in 2015?

In this edition, global players in the region have the chance to collaborate through "Nation Days", a great way to celebrate the culture of a specific country and learn from its business/education models.

GlobalPhilly™2015 Stakeholders

More than 20 active global players in the region are already part of the organization of GP15, either in the Advisory Committee or in the Planning Committee.

We are very grateful to all of them and to our first sponsor Lockheed Martin for supporting the vision of a world-class Philadelphia. Learn more about GP15 sponsorship opportunities here.

Feature your International events in GlobalPhilly™2015

Being a GP15 event presenter increases the global branding of your organization, attracts new audiences to events, strengthens your media exposure and connects you to the other global actors in the region. Featuring an event is free of charge for Global Philadelphia members and it’s proportionate to the membership level. Submit your International/Global events here!

To know more

Check out the GlobalPhilly™2015 FAQ

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