Global Sports this Summer

By Mikaila Skaroff, Global Philadelphia Association

This past month, sports have been the talk of not only the Philadelphia region but also of the world.  We’ve watched COPA 2016 unfold – a special centennial celebration of Copa América Centenario, which included sixteen nations from North, Central, and South America.  Lincoln Financial Field located right here in Philadelphia was able to host three matches of the tournament which came to a close on June 26, with Chile as the winner.

In addition, Europe has been competing in a soccer tournament of their very own, Euro 2016, which included twenty-four teams.  There has been some controversy surrounding the tournament, as this is the first year it has been expanded to twenty-four teams as opposed to only having sixteen teams in the past.  Some critics have seen this move as compromising the quality and structure of the tournament, but with TV companies and member associations benefitting financially from extending the tournament, some believe it was the right move to make.  The tournament will conclude on July 10 in France where the tournament has been based.

Looking ahead towards the end of the summer is the event we’ve all been waiting for: Olympics 2016.  It begins in August, and the competitions will take place for a little over two weeks, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  A torch relay has been making its way around all the regions of Brazil and will conclude at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on August 4th in Rio de Janeiro.  With more than 10,000 athletes from over 200 nations competing, these Olympics will be an exciting spectacle to watch!