"Philadelphia Zoo Connects Philadelphia with the World," writes Dr. Andrew Baker in Latest "International City Series" Article

GPA's newest member, the Philadelphia Zoo, contributed the latest edition in our "Once -- and Future -- International City" series, published regularly in the Philadelphia Business Journal. In this piece, Dr. Andrew Baker, the Zoo's Chief Operating Officer, highlights the Zoo as a crux in the City's global reach. "The Zoo's species-saving efforts span many continents," Dr. Baker writes. The Zoo supports "safeguarding of penguin colonies in Peru, environmental education programs around endangered bats on the Indian Ocean island of Rodrigues, and habitat protection for golden lion tamarins in Brazil."

The Zoo certainly brings the world to Philadelphia through its conservation efforts. But the Zoo also brings Philadelphia to the world through its innovative educational programming that reminds visitors of the interconnectedness of all beings and environments. This year alone, the Zoo has already involved nearly 7,000 schoolchildren in its orangutan conservation efforts. Through fun and thought-provoking programming, the Zoo is contributing to both environmental protection and the development of global citizenship.

Download Dr. Baker's article here.

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Info about accompanying image:

The Zoo holds two subspecies of red panda. Mei Lin is Ailurus fulgens refulgens and a little stockier and darker in color than Jing Li and Basil who are Ailurus fulgens fulgens. To read more about the red pandas, click here.

Photo taken by Zoo's Camera Club Volunteer, Barb Chalmers