Global Philadelphia Association announces “GlobalPhilly™2015”, Philadelphia’s second annual celebration of its international connections


Global Philadelphia Association announces Philadelphia’s second annual celebration of its international connections, “GlobalPhilly™2015”, an expo to be held in the fall of 2015.

During the Global Ideas Summit 2014, Kathleen Wilkinson, Chair of the  GlobalPhilly™2015 commitee, and Attorney at Law, at Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP, launched officially this year's expo.

With Philadelphia quickly emerging as one of the world’s most internationally significant cities, the World Meeting of Families and visit from the Pope serving as recent examples, the time is right to showcase just how global we have become.

The Global Philadelphia Association’s “GlobalPhilly™2015” will be an expo that consists of a wide array of global, international, and multicultural events and activities sponsored by the Association’s 80-plus members, shining a spotlight on the many international dimensions of the Greater Philadelphia area. It will run from September 15 to November 15, 2015. The Global Philadelphia Association will highlight these events as part of its mission to showcase Philadelphia as a truly global city and the strides it has made since “GlobalPhilly™2013”. Events will include many of the major sports, business, culinary, arts, film, and national culture celebrations of the year.

A small sampling of the events includes: the World Trade Center Showcase Reception, Penn Museum International Students Reception, Ciao Philadelphia Italian Heritage Month and the CHOP Annual Children’s Pediatric Conference. Organizers anticipate a minimum of 30 events in the span of the festival and the likely participation of many more. In addition, issue clusters sponsored by the Global Philadelphia Association will offer conferences and seminars on issues such as international education in the sciences, immigration and cultural diversity, and U.S. foreign policy.

Throughout the year the Global Philadelphia Association’s website will be featuring a growing list of “GlobalPhilly™2015” events and the contributions being made by its member organizations. New events can be proposed via the website and the Association welcomes new member organizations and individuals to its ranks.

For more details and for information on participating in “GlobalPhilly™2015", contact  contact Dana Wiley, GlobalPhilly™ 2015 Project Manager or Global Philadelphia Executive Director, Zabeth Teelucksingh, at [email protected].

The Global Philadelphia Association is an association of organizations, businesses, colleges, and universities, governmental bodies, and individuals for whom Greater Philadelphia is the place to be and do business in a globalizing world. Its mission is to assist – and encourage greater interaction among – the many organizations and people who are engaged in one form or another of international activity within the Greater Philadelphia Region, to promote the development of an international consciousness within the Region, and to enhance the Region’s global profile.