Get Involved With Harvest 2020!

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) believes all people can play a role in combating food insecurity and has launched Harvest 2020 to increase food production. Harvest 2020 is an initiative that will mobilize 100,000 gardeners and individuals across the region to pledge to Harvest 2020 in one of three ways:

  • Become a grower – someone who grows food for themselves and their families
  • Become a sharer – someone who commits to sharing food with a trusted food organization
  • Become a donor – someone who supports the Harvest 2020 team and their efforts through a monetary donation

The demand for food has greatly increased during the time of COVID 19. Currently, Philadelphia ranks in the top 10 U.S. cities with food insecure residents. Over 11% of households in the greater Philadelphia region are food insecure, with that number expected to double as a result of COVID-19. Many food pantries have experienced a 50% increase in demand over the last few months. Cities around the country are all experiencing this increase in food insecurity and heightened demand at local food organizations, thereby heightening the need for broad collective action. 

By pledging to Harvest 2020, community members can help increase the supply of healthy, fresh food for themselves, their neighbors, and for those in need. PHS offers a variety of programs and resources to help people set up their gardens and learn to grow. Whether gardening on a stoop, in a raised bed, or in your backyard, PHS has the tools to get started.

Check out to learn more and pledge to Harvest 2020 today. Together, we can garden for the greater good.