Drexel Office of International Programs (OIP) Joins Philadelphia Orchestra's Residency Week and Tour in the People’s Republic of China

A global leader in innovative research and experiential education, Drexel University is blazing the trails forward through unique and diverse collaborations in China. The most recent and exciting manifestation of this pioneering spirit is the partnership with The Philadelphia Orchestra on the historical 2012 Orchestra Residency Week and Tour in the People’s Republic of China.

A delegation of Drexel representatives, led by President John Fry, Provost Mark Greenberg and Vice Provost Julie Mostov will travel with the orchestra to Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai participating in educational programming, community outreach and student engagement. 

Global Philadelphia Association is proud to post excerpts of the chronicles of Drexel's Office of International Programs (OIP) during this momentous trip. For the full-text articles, please visit the OIP webpage at http://www.drexel.edu/international.

"Drexel in China" Chronicles


Drexel enhances its global impact and fosters people to people diplomacy through exchanges, the arts and its distinctive international joint research center model. Recent examples of the joint research model include the Drexel SARI Research Center in Shanghai. and the Drexel-IDR Research HUB with Hebrew University. University roots in China run broad and deep, crossing geographic, disciplinary and industry boundaries. Drexel has formal partnerships with numerous academic and scientific institutions in China from academies of fine art and top universities to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Photos by Karl Seifert.