"China and International Human Rights" Spring 2012 Colloquium Series at University of Pennsylvania

Led by Jacques deLisle (Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for East Asian Studies at The University of Pennsylvania), the Law School and Penn’s Center for East Asian Studies have launched a lecture series and seminar convening experts from academia, government, and NGOs in both China and the U.S. to address aspects of human rights in China. Mondays at 4:30PM in Silverman Hall, Room 240B in the Penn Law School. For more information, visit the Center for East Asian Studies events calendar.

China’s human rights record and China’s approach to international human rights law and norms are issues of major and growing international concern as China becomes more powerful and influential. Human rights are also a perennial point of friction in relations between the United States and China.

Led by Jacques deLisle, this program will bring to Penn leading experts from academia, the public sector and NGOs in China and the United States to address selected aspects of human rights in China. Topics include the role of law—and its limits—in protecting human rights and providing redress, China’s engagement with international human rights regimes, the role of “rights protection” lawyers, religious liberties, media freedom, treatment of political dissidents, elections and democratic rights, discrimination against people with communicable diseases, the effect of international human rights law in China, and other issues.

Speakers include, among others: