The British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia Strengthens Business Ties with the United Kingdom

Kate Tocci, for GPA -- In November 2013, the British American Business Council (BABC) of Greater Philadelphia joined Mayor Michael Nutter on his first official trade mission to the United Kingdom.

Mayor Nutter was accompanied by a delegation of 13 companies from the Philadelphia area, carefully selected by the City in partnership with U.K. Trade and Investment, an arm of the British government. The collaboration worked to create a mission that would explore future opportunities for partnerships with companies in the U.K. while reestablishing current relationships. 

The November trade mission served to promote Philadelphia as a center for worldwide growth and succeeded in establishing new Foreign Direct Investment initiatives between the U.K. and the Greater Philadelphia Region.

“The Philadelphia delegation to the U.K. was a great success and we already have a number of British companies visiting Philadelphia considering a U.S. presence. I want to thank the British American Business Council for both your work on this trip and your work year-round to support and grow the British business community in Philadelphia,” stated Mayor Nutter, quoted in the BABC’s website recap of the trade mission.

Next year the BABC of Greater Philadelphia celebrates its 25th anniversary. With British American Business headquarters in New York City and London, and 20 Chapters throughout the world, the global group has a membership base comprised of over 2,000 companies.

The Greater Philadelphia branch consists of approximately 85 member entities, serving more than 250 individuals. In Philadelphia, the BABC hosts more than a dozen events each year, advising members on the latest advances in the business community and fostering a network of like-minded individuals. Centered around specific topics, these events include business roundtable discussions on issues ranging from corporate sustainability conferences to social media and digital marketing seminars. The BABC strives to stay well informed on international business matters and to maintain stable connections with the fast paced and ever-changing world of international business.

“We are constantly trying to stay on top of international business issues that would affect our members and the work that they do and we present them with opportunities to learn more about these issues and to network with colleagues that could help them do their business better,” said Jane Rosenberg, Executive Director of the BABC of Greater Philadelphia. “Our main goals are to enable our members to expand their network, to increase their visibility and to stay connected with business partners that can help them achieve their goals.”

Rosenberg explained that the Philadelphia chapter represents not only the immediate Philadelphia area but also Southeast Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Active on social media and in control of a strong website, the Business Council promotes and connects Philadelphia businesses with their partners in the U.K. while keeping them up to date on global business issues.

With some of the world’s largest companies on their club level list, the BABC is well represented throughout the global community.

“We have a diverse representation in terms of industry and sector groups, such as airlines, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, banking and law firms, to name several,” said Rosenberg.

With organizations like the BABC in its midst, Philadelphia can continue to expand its international activity on a larger scale. In an increasingly globalized world, these organizations are crucial to support the overseas growth of small businesses in the region.

In its continued partnerships with the British American Business Council in conjunction with U.K. Trade and Investment, the city can strengthen the already firm ties it has with the United Kingdom to become an even fiercer global player.

Photo courtesy of the BABC.