Adath Israel's Israeli Affairs Committee Replicates a Marketplace of Old Jerusalem

On June 3, visitors walked through an arch and were transported nearly 6,000 miles away from Merion and into a Shuk (Market) of Old Jerusalem without ever having to set foot on an airplane. Adath Israel’s Israeli Affairs Committee, in conjunction with Nefesh B’ Nefesh, sponsored the reproduction of an authentic Israeli marketplace, recreating the sights, sounds, fragrances, and flavors of Old Jerusalem. The lively, family-oriented atmosphere was open to the community to enjoy and learn more about Israeli and Jewish Culture.

The Girsh auditorium was lined with an array of vendor stalls, decorated with vibrant awnings and displaying colorful merchandise ranging from handicrafts, honey and olive oil, exotic spices, Israeli artwork, candles, Judaica, jewelry, and natural cosmetics infused with Dead Sea minerals.

While meandering through the stalls, visitors enjoyed the sounds of the live entertainment emanating from the Klezmer Band and Israeli folk dance. After making a few purchases, visitors were tempted by the inviting smells of falafel being fried in hot oil and the bright salads on display at the little café. Various non-profit organizations also discussed their causes and encouraged eager guests to visit Israel and appreciate the culture and history first-hand.

The Israeli Affairs Committee organizes a number of community wide and national events featuring Israel throughout the year.