Academy of Natural Sciences Names Paleontology Fellow

Bianca Walker, for GPA -- On April 25, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University (1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.) appointed Kenneth Lacovara as a paleontology fellow to promote education and research to museum visitors, members and stakeholders.

Currently, Dr. Lacovara is a paleontology and geology professor at Drexel University. He moved more prominently into the public eye when he announced the discovery of a new supermassive dinosaur species in Argentina, which he named Dreadnoughts schrani.

Lacovara has led numerous dinosaur digs along with Dinosaur Hall Coordinator Jason Poole, also a member of the team that excavated Dreadnoughts. George. W. Gephart, Jr., President and CEO of the Academy, stated in a press release that, “It’s important to us to communicate the latest dinosaur science, and Ken is a wonderful communicator… We look forward to collaborating on both our research and education endeavors.”

Dr. Lacovara has an established past in paleontology with the Academy, not only working in the Egyptian Sahara, China and many other countries for paleontology research, but also locally in New Jersey with his students on the study of Cretaceous fauna.

The group is currently collaborating with the local township officials in an effort to have their work site preserved as a fossil park. Dr. Lacovara stated, “Dinosaur paleontology began in the United States at the Academy of Natural Sciences. It’s great to be part of that rich legacy… I hope to use the near universal fascination with dinosaurs as a way to engage the public in the process of science and to help contextualize the human experience on our planet.”

The Academy of Natural Sciences, founded in 1817, has indeed played a significant role in the nation’s education. For nearly 200 years, the institution has dedicated itself to advancing research, education,and public engagement in the environmental sciences.

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