Laurel Hill Cemetery

Address: 3822 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132

Neighborhood: Fairmount Park


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Contact: 215-228-8200

Description: Designed by John Notman in 1835–1836, Laurel Hill is one of America’s oldest “romantic” cemeteries. Although its primary purpose was obvious, it was also intended to be a place where mourners and tourists alike could seek comfort and solace (not only from their grief, but also from the increasing urbanism around them) as they wandered along winding walkways among its elaborate tombs and landscaped grounds. Andrew Jackson Downing cited Laurel Hill as a model for large urban parks, at a time when city dwellers were in desperate need of green space. The cemetery is open to the public.

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  • Architecture and design – iconic, famous, or representative
  • Nature in the city – gardens, parks, cemeteries

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