Colonial Germantown Historic District

Address: 5501 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Neighborhood: Northwest Philadelphia


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Description: Late-17th-century religious persecution in Europe led to the establishment of this first German settlement in the New World. Francis Daniel Pastorius arrived in August 1683, and other settlers followed in October. Soon a sizeable settlement, encouraged by William Penn’s Quaker doctrine of “live and let live,” was flourishing several miles northwest of colonial Philadelphia. This linear historic district, now incorporated within Philadelphia’s city limits, stretches several miles along Germantown Avenue and contains a number of houses built by several generations of German colonists.

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    • Tuesdays 9am - 1pm
    • Thursdays 1pm - 5pm
  • Admission
    • Adults: $3
  • Seniors and Students: $2
    • Children 10 and under: Free


  • First in the nation– Philadelphia’s “firsts”
  • Celebrating diversity – African American, women, and minority stories
  • Changemakers – social reform, racial justice, political movements
  • Architecture and design – iconic, famous, or representative
  • Arts through the ages – music, art, theater
  • Scientific explorations – science, medicine, health
  • Business of life – stories of daily life, business, industry, commerce
  • Military history – Revolution and beyond

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