Church of the Advocate

Address: 1801 Diamond Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121

Neighborhood: North Central Philadelphia


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  • Phone: 215-978-8000
  • ​Fax: 215-978-8008

Description: Built between 1887 and 1897 with a private bequest and from designs by architect Charles M. Burns, Jr., this church was intended to serve as the Episcopal Cathedral of Philadelphia. The church and its attendant buildings are remarkable documents of late Gothic Revival architecture, with notable sculpture and stained glass, the latter executed by the English firm of Clayton & Bell. In the late 20th century, the Church of the Advocate promoted extensive social reform and embraced the causes of civil rights. It housed the third annual National Conference on Black Power in 1968 and the first ordination of women in the Episcopal Church in 1974.

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  • First in the nation – Philadelphia’s “firsts”
  • Faith and ideals – religion, philosophy,  political ideology
  • Changemakers – social reform, racial justice, political movements

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