Christ Church

Address: 20 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Neighborhood: Old City


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Contact: 215-922-1695; fax 215-922-3578

Description: This elegant brick building is the most ornate colonial church in America, and one of the largest. Its Georgian design, verging on the Baroque, makes it also one of the most distinguished architecturally, although the prominent tower that once dominated Philadelphia has been dwarfed by later, taller buildings. The church, third on its site, was constructed between 1727 and 1754, when the steeple was completed. It houses a still-active parish that was organized in 1695. The Christ Church Burial Grounds are where Benjamin Franklin and other prominent leaders were laid to rest.

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  • First in the nation – Philadelphia’s “firsts”
  • Changemakers – social reform, racial justice, political movements
  • Architecture and design – iconic, famous, or representative
  • Faith and ideals – religion, philosophy,  political ideology
  • Military history – Revolution and beyond

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