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In 2014, Global Philadelphia has chosen “Global Gateways” as the year-long program to raise the International profile of Greater Philadelphia and feature its Members as 'Gateways' for the PHL region and the entire globe. They act as portals through which visitors, goods, culture, ideas, investments, information, immigrants, travelers, and opportunities of all kind of flows, both into and out of the region.
The Global Gateways initiative will serve as a means for GPA Members to be recognized as worldwide leaders in their respective fields and industries. Use #GlobalGatewaysPHL on social media to stay connected. 
One of the main tools we will use is "Philly Navigator",  a compendium of everything global you should you about Philadelphia region.

Global Gateways in a nutshell

Global Gateways is about connections, storytelling and trajectories. It is about giving our Members a chance to tell, in their own words, about their impacts and expertise as "Gateways" between the Philadelphia region and the World.
One key implementation of the program is through a World Days Calendar: a dynamic, year-long agenda of internationally celebrated days tailored to our Members. The World Days Calendar is an anchor for the Global Gateways program throughout 2014.

Via our various web platforms, Global Gateways will promote and support our members in ways previously unexplored, through in-kind sponsorship or partnerships where Global Philadelphia players a Media Partner for their International events.

The program will culminate in two major networking events: a Global Fair in October and a Global Idea Summit in December on the region’s global strategy as well as a new publication.


"Philly Navigator" - our 2014 publication - is set to serve a diversity of purposes and will include critical information attractive to regional and international media, businesses, students and visitors seeking a holistic view of the Global reach of the Philadelphia region, through it’s international talents, expertise, services, etc.  It will cover a large range of topics and highlight the hidden global gems we have in this region for Innovation & Health, Academia & Research, International Services, Tourism & Culinary, Economy, Culture, World Heritage, Advocacy and Media. This guide will include resource pages with International services, cultural training, language courses that can be found in Philadelphia region, as well as a useful listing of global specialists by subject matter.



How to get involved?

If you're a member of the Global Philadelphia Association, contact us to set up a conversation.

If you're not yet a member with us, you can become one today.

This initiative is sponsored by Lockheed Martin, Reed Smith LLP and The Philadelphia Foundation

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Contact Zabeth Teelucksingh, Executive Director of Global Philadelphia Association

[email protected] or call 215-851-8112


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