GP17 - FAQ

When will GlobalPhilly™2017 take place?

GlobalPhilly™2017 spans 45 days, from Sept.15 to Nov. 1, 2017. This is the third biennial international festival that will take place throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Who is the audience for GlobalPhilly™2017?

The audience is intended to be the full diversity of the public in Greater Philadelphia including the 5 counties: Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery and Chester.

International and multicultural events typically attract creatives, artists, musicians, students, professionals, business people, entrepreneurs & investors, teachers, families & kids, volunteers & advocates, expats, communities of national and ethnic origin, members of groups and associations and visitors to the city and to the region during the Exposition time.

How can I get involved in GP17?

There are several great ways to become involved!

  1. Become a “sponsor” for the GlobalPhilly™2017 Expo and get great visibility through the largest international program in Philadelphia region in 2017.

  2. Become a “media partner” for GP17 and spread the word about the Exposition

  3. Become a “presenter”, feature your international event during the Expo and gain more visibility, more traffic to your website and more attendance to your event. Register your event by clicking here! - Prerequisite: Be a Global Philadelphia Association member.

  4. Global Philadelphia always welcomes “volunteers” and “interns” .

Contact us at [email protected] or call 215-563-2482

How do I get the latest information about GP17?

Easy! Check the Global Philadelphia Association website and click on the GlobalPhilly™2017 link.

On social media, keep in touch with all the current international events in Philadelphia through a unique hashtag #GlobalPhilly17 or like GlobalPhilly on Facebook , follow @GlobalPhillyTM on Twitter or join us @GlobalPhiladelphia on Instagram !

How do I buy GlobalPhilly™2017 tickets?

Each event has its own access - either by ticket or open for free to the public.

Check the details on each event as they are posted on the comprehensive GlobalPhilly™2017 calendar.

What is the ratio of local to international in the reach and marketing of the showcase you are preparing?

For this 3rd edition of the GlobalPhilly™ showcase, the ratio is still strongly tilted to Philadelphia, Delaware Valley, and the tri-state region but we have a group of International relations stakeholders who are working on International outreach (networkings and media).

The content of our events is international and our intention is to collaborate closely with both Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau and Visit Philadelphia as they market Philadelphia to the world; however, the focus of GlobalPhilly™2017 is to make a memorable contribution to the global experience in Philadelphia, for residents, large event planners and visitors alike!



For further information, contact Zabeth Teelucksingh, GPA’s Executive Director.
Telephone :  215-563-2482