Global Philadelphia Association's Globy Awards

Every year, the Globy Awards recognize globally-active, business, local civic, and community leaders who have distinguished themselves through the extraordinary work they have done in Greater Philadelphia.

Globy Awards Categories:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Corporate Leadership Award
  • Community Leadership Award
  • Education Leadership Award
  • Heritage Leadership Award (new!)

Who was awarded in 2015?
Who was awarded in 2016?

2017 Globy Awards Recipients

Distinguished Global Journalism

Jake Tapper
CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent

2016 Globy Awards Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award

David B. Brownlee, Ph.D.
FSAH, University of Pennsylvania Professor of History of Art



Corporate Leadership Award

Robert J. McNeill, Jr.
Managing Partner, Deloitte LLP in Greater Philadelphia


Community Leadership Award

Carol S. Wong
Director, Chinatown Learning Center


Education Leadership Award

Dr. William R. Hite
Superintendent, The School District of Philadelphia

2015 Globy Awards Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award

Nancy Gilboy
Citizen Diplomacy International of Philadelphia

Corporate Leadership Award

Javier “Jay” Dragone
Lockheed Martin

Community Leadership Award

Blane Fitzgerald Stoddart
BFW Group

Education Leadership Award

Anastasia Shown
University of Pennsylvania



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