Virtual “Walkthrough” of Fit to Print

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
United States

The group exhibition Fit to Print will explore the use of newspapers in contemporary art from the post-war era to today. This show addresses how artists work with the medium of newsprint as a nexus where the studio, everyday life and current events perennially merge and collide. This exploration is particularly timely in an age when truth in news is fractured and suspect, due to the proliferation of sensationalist stories, pitted against traditional sources of journalism.

Fit to Print will feature a select group of historical artworks alongside those by an international group of contemporary artists. The artworks exhibited reveal slippages between everyday life and what is depicted and recounted on the printed page. The exhibition is presented in three thematic sections:

  • Circuits of Print includes artists who use painting and photography to re-present and recontextualize images and texts culled from newspapers on surfaces such as canvas and silk.
  • In Print as Transposition, photographic and printmaking processes are used to transfer, merge, layer and rupture images and texts from newspapers onto a variety of paper surfaces.
  • Print Interventions explores artists that interact directly with the surface of newspapers – painting directly onto them or rearranging columns, marking up spreads, cutting, pasting and making other graphic edits that transform the materiality of the newspaper itself.

Fit to Print builds upon the legacy of artists who have harnessed the potency of newspaper’s form and/or surface. From Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, artists continue to transform the newspaper and critique its form in a variety of ways. In the early 1980s, Doug Hall painted red and black over newspaper columns, isolating fragments of text and headline. More recently, Sarah Charlesworth used strategies of redaction in photographs and Joseph Bartscherer created a readymade, minimalist grid of The New York Times front page obituaries. These predecessors inspire and inform the work of the artists in Fit to Print, which will be announced in March 2021.

Fit to Print is organized by Dr. Ksenia Nouril, The Print Center’s Jensen Bryan Curator in conjunction with Lisa Blas, a New York-based artist, who conceived the idea for the exhibition and serves as an advisor. A number of public programs are planned in conjunction with the exhibition.

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Arts & Culture
Community Arts
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American (United States)