Unexpected Finds : Photography Pop-Up at CRUXspace, curated by Gaby Heit - Opening Reception

Saturday, November 1, 2014 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
700 W. Master Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
United States

Experience the work of Leon Kuechler and Alex Haplin at Cruxspace on Master Street!

LEON KUECHLER’s work shows Philadelphia and New York from a foreign point of view. Everything is new. He aims to catch daily life scenes and buildings we pass every day but don’t recognize, pointing out that sometimes we just need a closer look or a different angle to be aware of what is happening all around us. Kuechler grew up in one of the biggest cities in Germany and has since been attracted to urban lifestyle. Spending time in Philadelphia and New York has given him the opportunity to experience a new version of that lifestyle, capturing all of it in his work. He prefers analog photography where life on the street can be seen without any distortion. Leon Kuechler is an exchange student from Germany. Photography has been his passion for the last two years and he tries to invest as much time as possible photographing the city alongside his studies.

ALEX HALPIN’s work shown here is inspired by chaos, urban decay and throwaway culture. Tossing sand and debris into the air turns dirt and garbage into works of art for an instant. The moving elements of these photos were found in strange places and are photographed mid-air to offer an unfettered look at an unexpected find. Alex Halpin is an educator, artist & entrepreneur calling Philadelphia home for the last seven years. He lives three blocks east of here. 

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Arts & Culture
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