Mural Dedication: One World

Thursday, September 22, 2022 - 6:30pm - 7:30pm
On 21st Street just South of Market Street
Philadelphia, PA
United States
This mural depicts markets and landscapes around the world. It demonstrates the diversity of the
earth and of humankind, but also our similarities as we interact in our daily lives.
The mural is a re-creation of the mural “One World” dedicated in 2010 at the Independence Charter
School (16th and Lombard). In 2019, when the school planned a building expansion that would
obscure the mural, panoramic photographer Aaron Priest (
took an extraordinarily detailed photo. In 2021, Ben Volta ( fabricated it
to fit its new location, a beautiful little park with two River Birch trees on 21st St just South of Market
St, in downtown Philadelphia. Northrup designed a new section to fit the new wall, painted with
Greg Prestegord. Eric Okdeh and Dan Lipshutz did the installation, assisted by Tash Billington. At
46.5 x 30’, the mural is almost precisely the size of the original.
We will come together on September 22 at 6:30 PM to celebrate the re-creation of One World. In
its new incarnation, it is very accessible to our diverse city and asks us all to become global
citizens, tolerating and appreciating one another. Artist Ann Northrup will arrive early, at 6 PM, to
chat with anyone interested.
FUNDERS: Margaret Harris & Phil Straus, Julia & David Fleishner,
City of Philadelphia
PARTNERS: The Barnes Foundation, REIT, Margaret Harris & Phil
Straus, Violette de Mazia Foundation, Ford Foundation,

Independence Charter School  


Community Arts