Chinatown Food Tour

Sunday, December 29, 2013 - 1:30pm
AIA (American Institute of Architects) Bookstore at 1218 Arch St. between 12th and 13th Streets across from the Pennsylvania Convention Center
United States

Take a tour of mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and Vietnam all with out your passport! Frequent food stops to refuel while on an exploration of this small but might and uniquely Philly Chinatown. With a densely packed wealth of delicious food and rich culture. Journey from the search for “gim sa” (Golden Mountain) to a rail worker bachelor society, to the birth of a vocal, thriving and striving cultural enclave that is more than just a business district but a diverse and eclectic “Asian Town” that many call home.

Join Free Tours by Foot for a 2.5 hour tour of Philadelphia’s Chinatown, a journey through the history and culture of this rich and growing community. This tour is designed to provide visitors with excellent insight into the neighborhood’s culinary possibilities and the distinctive personality of this diverse Asian neighborhood.

Some of the shops and stops:

Friendship Gate
Dim Sum Garden
Asian Underground Mart
Asian Arts Initiative
Fo Shou Temple
Fortune Cookie Factory
Noodle Factory
Tea Talk
Bread Top Bakery
“House of Dragons” Fire House
and More!

Some of the foods samples:

Ginger Teas
Hong Kong Egg Waffle
Vietnamese Sandwiches
Moon Cakes
Tapioca Bubble Teas
Soup Dumplings
Fish Balls
and much more (so show up hungry!!!)

At each food stop, you choose what treats you would like to taste. Try them all or none at all (don’t forget, this is also a history and culture tour). Unlike on other tours , you choose what to eat and how much to spend. Suggested amount to bring is between $7-$10 cash, depending on your appetite. You may also want to bring a reusable grocery bag since you will want to bring it home to share! You will not leave hungy for flavor or history!

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