2020 Trinidad and Tobago Celebration

Friday, August 21, 2020 - Saturday, August 22, 2020

TRINIDAD and TOBAGO 2020 Independence Celebration


Friday, August 21st 12:00pm
Service at City Hall - Philadelphia, PA
Flag Raising and Reception

Saturday, August 22nd 1:00pm
We are hosting our 1st Annual Trinidad and Tobago Cultural Parade, in Downtown PHILADELPHIA from CITY HALL to the Liberty Bell Plaza with a Free "LET STEELPAN RING" Concert - celebrating Independence, Republic, and Emancipation with East Indian Arrival, Spiritual Baptist and our Asian Chinese Community. So come in your Cultural, African, East Indian, Chinese or Costume wear and Strut, Dance or Parade with Grand Marshall Council General Hon. J. Andre Laveau as we present all that's Great about Trinidad and Tobago and the CARIBBEAN.

Sunday, August 23rd 12:00pm
Unity Day at City HALL Courtyard with Bishop Dr. Rosalind and Pastor Graves

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Arts and Culture
Cultural Awareness