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Laura Sicola
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Sicola Consulting Group is an educational consulting firm helping clients develop the linguistic and cultural skills to meet the needs of rapidly diversifying work and school environments. Sicola delivers customized curricula and professional development programs in language and cultural acuity training. 

Sicola's customized long- and short-term training programs offer state-of-the-field, research- and experience-based professional development to promote bottom-line success in today’s increasingly global corporate, non-profit, university and K-12 communities.

We offer four main service tracks:

  • Cross-Cultural Communications
    • Cross-cultural communication skills facilitate efficient, effective communication in the global, multicultural and multilingual workplace, whether managing a diverse team in a single office space or communicating with clients, vendors or coworkers abroad. Recognizing and employing culturally relevant communication strategies eliminates miscommunication, reduces errors and cycle times, improves rapport and ultimately saves and makes money.
  • Business-English Language Training
    • Today, English is the language of global business. The individuals and organizations that succeed are the ones who have the facility and comfort with oral and written English language communication in all venues, from meeting in person, to talking on the telephone or corresponding online. When communication is smooth and easy, trust and confidence are developed, and business gets done. 
  • K-12 and Beyond
    • English language learners (ELLs) are the fastest growing group of students in American schools today, and the number of international students enrolling at colleges, universities and other educational programs is also on the rise. Is your organization prepared to meet their linguistic and academic needs? 
  • Foreign Language Coaching
    • In the 21st century, one of the great differentiators between those who get ahead and those who get left behind is having proficiency in a foreign language. The truth is that anyone can learn another language at any age. The question is HOW. The Sicola Consulting Group’s exclusive Triangulated Coaching System can help you determine the best approach for you to use in order to master a new language quickly and easily (and have fun doing it!)
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Professional Services