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Francisco Aragon Guiller
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[email protected]

Academic Cuba was founded by Francisco Aragón Guiller in 2014 to provide expertise and guidance in navigating the challenges experienced by universities, colleges, schools, non-profits, cultural, sports, performing arts and religious organizations when planning Cuba programs and licensed travel. With a background in getting challenging semester and summer academic programs up and running at the university level, the founder and principal has a successful record in partnership brokering with Cuban and other Latin American institutions, student affairs, operations, charter travel and visa consulting, academic program development, as well as contacts and expertise in navigating the legal minefield of obstacles on both US and Cuban sides that often derail successful travel and program execution.

Given the high degree of difficulty in successfully planning short and long term academic, cultural or religious programming to Cuba, Academic Cuba seeks to serve these communities, who are eligible to travel under the auspices of the Treasury Department OFAC General License categories with the necessary leadership, expertise and guidance to make their programming goals a reality in Cuba.

With the tenor of the political climate between Washington and Havana in recent years, and the few signs of substantive improvement in the coming decade, it cannot be overstated that intercultural exchange with Cuba is crucial for the people of both countries to bridge that which has not been addressed by governments over the decades. While people-to-people consultants and travel operators are plentiful and valuable, Academic Cuba is proud to specialize in academic institutions and enterprises, as well as cultural organizations and non-profits that desire meaningful exchange with Cuban society at the highest levels of intellectual engagement.

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Central America/Carribean
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South America