Marine Havel

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In 2013, Marine Havel was appointed Media Director for the Global Philadelphia Association, designed to put Philadelphia on the map as a city of global importance, towards the designation of Philadelphia as the First World Heritage City in the USA. She knows the challenges of associations, organizations and companies, has a strong background in communication and marketing in general and is also naturally involved in the International community.

She helped develop multiple programs, including GlobalPhilly™ in 2013 and 2015 - 2 major international Expo in Philadelphia - GlobalKids, and the World Heritage City Initiative. 

Marine also contributes her talent and energy to PhilaFLAM, an organization she created in 2012 to support bilingual education for French-speaking elementary to high-school students in the Greater Philadelphia area and Princeton. She's in charge of a team of 25 teachers and assistants, and 5 schools.

She's also an active member of Philadelphie Accueil, who supports expatriates, through the organization of events, after being the President in 2011-2012, and creating a professionnal club to help women create their own activity or find a position in a global-minded company.

Marine is a great professional with excellent work ethic, values and more importantly passion and creativity. She is highly efficient in selecting and training teams of collaborators. She graduated from the French National Insurance School, and has a Masters degree in Corporate & Market Finance.