A Stay at Chamounix Mansion: Reflections from Australian Harpist, Cath Connelly


Cath Connelly, Celtic Harpist from Australia, recently stayed at Philadelphia's Chamounix Mansion during a tour of the U.S. In this lyrical reflection below, Ms. Connelly shares the beauty, tranquility, and welcoming staff that greeted her during her stay:

Any journey from home leaves open the possibility of tiredness and homesickness. It was in just such a state that I arrived at Chamounix Mansion. What a welcome greeted me! The instant physical appeal of the Mansion- the stately charm of the building, the carefully tended gardens, the abundance of trees, garden beds and grasslands- restored my spirits and made me know I was in for a special visit.

Chamounix Mansion was a most delightful base from which to immerse myself in the rich culture and history of Philadelphia. Walking tracks, buses and taxis were all accessible, despite my initial hesitation at the distance from the city centre. Indeed, I could not have found a more gracious venue to use as my base.

Whilst the beauty of the surroundings stays with me, it is the friendliness and generosity of the staff that remains upmost in my memories of Chamounix Mansion. The passion for the vision of the Mansion to be a place of beauty and grandeur, welcome to all, shone through each staff member. Their helpfulness, combined with their knowledge of history and locality remains a delightful memory. A treasured stay!


Cath Connelly