Philly State of Office

Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 7:30am - 10:30am

New Office Development, WeWork's IPO, & MORE


  1. Outside of the Comcast building, Philly hasn’t had any ground up office in decades. What is behind this recent surge in new office development?

  2. Between Brandywine and Parkway, most of the new office is pushing west. What impact will it have on Center City and Philly’s office market?

  3. Tenant improvements aren't anything new,but have become increasingly expensive. What improvements are being made to bring in or retain tenants?

  4. Multiple large tenants have leases expiring in the coming years, and appear to be willing to pay for high end office. Will they look to anchor these new buildings or look to existing buildings?

  5. The suburban office market has always benefitted from companies desire to avoid city taxes. As a younger generation demands higher end office space, how will the burbs keep up? 


WeWork’s IPO may have tanked, but the co-working industry is booming. Both national and local co-working companies have been taking on more space, and changing the office market. With Philly finally getting some new office development, how will co-working take advantage of the premium office availability?

Millennials changed the professional work environment, wanting more common areas, open floor plans, and the ability to work from home. As generation-z begins to hit the workforce, their wants and needs will certainly differ from what came before. Companies rely on their office space to help court top tier talent. The CRE community will be intently watching to keep tenants happy.

Join us and our all star line up of industry experts as we dive into these topics and more!

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