Obey/Open: Open Source in Art and Technology with Shepard Fairey and Rich Miner

Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 8:51am
Arts and Business Council of Greater Philadelphia
United States

The Arts + Business Council invites you to a conversation with pioneers from the worlds of arts and technology: prolific street artist and activist, Shepard Fairey, and co-founding entrepreneur of Android and Google Ventures lead, Rich Miner. While artistic and technological creations have a long history of being jealously guarded, Fairey and Miner will discuss how and why they have made their intellectual property available to everyone.

Before we even knew what it meant for a photo to go “viral,” Shepard Fairey was already covering cities with his bold imagery. Fairey’s OBEY GIANT sticker, which he conceived while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, has become a ubiquitous art campaign; challenging the way the public views art, society and themselves. In the spirit of open source, several of his designs are now available for anyone to download and disseminate.

While other developers were rushing to trademark their products, Rich Miner was building an operating system with the intention of handing over the blueprints to the public. In the spirit of creating a vibrant developer community, the android software stack can be downloaded, modified, improved upon and shared with a global network. Miner is one the most prominent entrepreneurs to adopt open source and now leads the Google Ventures East Coast investment team.

Pedro Alonzo will moderate the conversation while challenging participants to apply concepts from open source collaborative platforms across disciplines. Alonzo is an independent curator who specializes in producing exhibitions that transcend the boundaries of the museum walls and spill out onto the urban landscape. He has organized exhibitions throughout the country featuring international artists such as JR, Os Gêmeos, SWOON and Dr. Lakra.

There is a new way to create and, as more people are adopting the open source methodology, this fundamental shift affects the business and arts communities alike.

This event is presented in partnership with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program as part of their Open Source exhibition. 

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