Free Speech Film Festival Salon

Sunday, January 17, 2021 - 5:00pm
United States

Listen to great Piano Jazz and meet
2020 Free Speech Film Festival Award-winning Directors!

FREE SPEECH FILM FESTIVAL is designed to showcase today’s Free Speech Movement (and empower audiences with its history), and together with American INSIGHT, invites filmmakers to join the global revolution by submitting films about Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law.

Our objectives for the 2021 FREE SPEECH FILM FESTIVAL are to facilitate speaking out against injustice through the medium of film; to build social awareness through the screening and promotion of these films; and to inspire communities to redress injustice around the world through the power of film and social media.

Celebrating the passionate innovations of independent filmmakers, and championing the ideas, perspectives and voices that prove vital to the future of Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law, only one FREE SPEECH AWARD-winning film is selected each year by audiences online, and locally, by citizens of Philadelphia, PA: home of the Liberty Bell's "Proclaim LIBERTY Throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants Thereof" since 1752.

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The Free Speech Film Festival is unique in several respects:

  • American INSIGHT awards a cash prize of $1,000 to the Free Speech Award-winning filmmaker.
  • We focus exclusively on deepening the understanding of Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law, with the goal of promoting and preserving these principles worldwide.
  • As a "Filmmaker’s Film Festival," filmmakers who submit their films are invited to judge the Semi-Finalists films and to vote for the final 6 "Official Selection" films.
  • American INSIGHT’s 2021 Free Speech Film Festival Award-Winner, as well as all 6 “Official Selection” filmmakers, are interviewed on camera for our Meet-the-Director Series, and their films are featured on American INSIGHT’s daily Newsfeed, Festival Spotlight Blog, and across all of our social media outlets.
  • We stream our annual Free Speech Award Ceremony to audiences online, and include its recording in our Free Speech Archives that date back to 1983.
  • The Moderator of our annual Free Speech Award Ceremony is former NBC News London Bureau Chief and CNN New York Bureau Chief, Karen Curry.
  • Every year, the Free Speech Award-winning film is linked in perpetuity to American INSIGHT’s interactive educational Free Speech Storyline, which traces the history of individuals who fought for their rights back to the signing of the Magna Carta in England in 1215.